About the program

What is Kiútprogram (Way Out Programme)? 

Kiútprogram is an employment program for the poorest. As a nonprofit business, we help people living in extreme poverty in North Eastern settlements in Hungary to become registered as a primary producer or family entrepreneur and thus be able to live from their jobs. The two main tools of support are labor-intensive training counseling and low-margin loans with no collateral. We strive to ensure that our clients (mainly Roma) mobilize their own resources to be able to improve themselves and their family’s financial and social situation.
We integrate our clients into market-based cucumber production systems, and in the given circumstances this activity is the one that makes it possible to become independent of public work or aid. We also support in the same way if someone wants to start their own promising business.
The speciality of our program is that it does not depend on public employment and unforeseeable state tenders. In 2018, we launch a new program: Job-seekers living in our area will be trained to find a job and will be connected with factories employing trained workers, and then we will provide support for maintaining employment.
Our program is recommended by the World Bank as a good practice.

Details of the program


Adress: 1027, Budapest, Jurányi u. 1-3.
Phone: +36-30/459-9898  Katalin, MEDGYESI-FRANK, manager
E-mail:  kiut@kiutprogram.hu
Bank account number: 12010501-01189252-00100007
Tax number: 14918182-2-41